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Active Net Steward The Distributed Firewall

With Active Net Steward you can:
Have firewall level protection on all clients and servers.
 Police individual incoming and outgoing connections from each device.
Control all TCP/IP ports on each device.
Monitor network traffic in real time and raise alarms against set conditions.
Control net access (including user web surfing).
Implement policy centrally, in real time across the whole network.
Have the necessary audit and forensic evidence to back up policy.
Have a last line of defence to protect against perimeter defence breaches.

It is common practice for organisations to protect their network at the perimeter with a traditional firewall device, however although providing protection from the “outside world” this device will not combat any threat from within the internal network (Intranet).
A recent Ernst and Young survey found that of the 1,000 top UK companies, 66 per cent were defrauded in the year 1997-98. In 80 per cent of cases, the fraud involved an employee.
Active Net Steward is an innovative network security product from Security Designers, specifically designed to address the 'Internal Threat' to network and data security, it provides a second line of defence to support your firewall at the perimeter.
The real beauty of this feature rich product is that there is no requirement for any additional hardware or network reorganisation.
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Active Net Steward V2 Datasheet (pdf).