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Netilla Security Platform

The Netilla® Security Platform (NSP) is a clientless, SSL VPN appliance that offers secure access to a wide range of centralised application resources, from client/server applications to web-based intranets--all from a web-browser. As a dedicated network device, the NSP integrates seamlessly into an existing network and leverages security infrastructures, while offering rapid deployment, easy installation, minimal maintenance, and unparalleled network protection.

The NSP simplifies and secures multi-user, multi-application remote-access environments for diverse users. With the NSP, authorised users can work with an array of applications, including

1) Web-based intranet resources,
2) remotely located client/server applications
3) local client/server desktop applications.

Access is controlled through the flexible Netilla SecureRealm Framework, which manages privileges through multi-layer user authentication and dynamic policy enforcement from external servers. With any PC, laptop, or terminal, a mobile sales force, telecommuters, branch office employees, and business partners can quickly and securely reach the diverse resources found in today’s IT environment.

Plug and Play Simplicity
The Netilla Security Platform gives users instant, secure remote access to any authorised corporate application, files, or data – all via a standard Web browser – without the specialised software downloads required by less-advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies. Designed as a dedicated network appliance, the Netilla Security Platform installs in the data center with “plug and play” simplicity. You’re up and running in just a few hours, with no modifications to your application servers or enterprise network. Then, a host of advanced, proprietary and standards-based security mechanisms guard your enterprise network while providing granular access control at the individual user level. It’s that simple.

As the industry’s most versatile SSL VPN, the Netilla Security Platform provides clientless remote access to any Web-based intranet portals or applications – as well as to literally thousands of centralised client/server “legacy” applications that companies rely on. Since all connections are terminated and analysed by the Netilla Security Platform, your network servers remain fully protected. And for workers who need to work offline using any PC-installed applications such as Microsoft Outlook, our platform sets up a secure SSL tunnel as soon as they connect, “synching up” their data with the server.

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