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At a glance
Multi-function security appliances
Integrated security solutions, including stateful inspection firewall, robust DoS mitigation, and high-performance IPSec VPN; reducing the need for expensive add-ons and licensing

High Performance, Purpose-built solutions
Integrated solutions for high reliability and maximum protection combined with hardware accelerated firewall, DoS mitigation, and VPN throughput

Easy to deploy and manage
Deploy in minutes with built-in management capabilities and policy-based central management using NetScreen-Global PRO

Product overview
NetScreen Technologies Inc.’s integrated security appliances are purpose-built network security devices that combine firewall, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), and Denial of Service (DoS) mitigation functions. Utilising hardware-accelerated security technology, all NetScreen security appliances feature very low latency, high throughput IPSec encryption and firewall functions, and robust DoS mitigation; allowing them to seamlessly integrate into any network. Installation and management of NetScreen’s appliances are easily accomplished via a number of management interfaces including a built-in WebUI, Command Line Interface (CLI), or NetScreen-Global PRO, NetScreen’s central management solution.

NetScreen ScreenOS
NetScreen ScreenOS firmware powers all appliances. At its core is a custom-designed, real time operating system built from the ground up to deliver a very high level of performance and security, eliminating unnecessary software layers and vulnerabilities found in other security products built on general-purpose OS. NetScreen ScreenOS provides an integrated, easy-to-use platform for its many functions, including:

    Common Criteria and ICSA certified stateful inspection firewall
    FIPS 140 and ICSA certified IPSec VPN gateway
    Traffic management capabilities for optimising limited bandwidth
    High Availability (HA) to ensure maximum network reliability
    Embedded Antivirus using AV technology from Trend Micro – targeted for the second half of 2003*
    Rich set of management interfaces, both internal and external
    Dynamic routing support to ease integration of security into existing networks and to support dynamically routed VPNs
    Reliability and ease of deployment

The ease of installation and robust manageability of NetScreen’s all-in-one security appliances is complemented by its superior reliability and security capability. Without the inherent reliability issues associated with hard disk drives, appliances have proven to be the best long-term solutions when uptime is important. NetScreen appliances only require configuration and management of the firewall, VPN, and DoS features, alleviating the need to configure separate hardware and complex operating systems. This limits the time required to install and maintain the security device and reduces the number of setup steps where security holes are often created.