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Wireless is changing the way businesses work. Adding wireless into an existing network or building a wireless network from the ground up increases mobility and productivity by maintaining connections to e-mail, files and online applications regardless of physical location. With these benefits, however, comes risk. SonicWALL provides a solution that enables your organisation to take advantage of the freedom of wireless connectivity without compromising network security.

The TZ 170 Wireless, part of SonicWALL’s TZ 170 series, is a high-performance, multi-layer network security platform that delivers enterprise-class wireless and wired security to small networks. The TZ 170 Wireless integrates secure 802.11b/g wireless, deep packet inspection firewall and IPSec VPN technologies in a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution. Advanced features such as enforced VPN encryption on the wireless LAN and wireless intrusion detection and prevention services deliver impenetrable wireless security. Utilising the Wireless Guest Services feature, network administrators can create multiple zones of access – for wired and wireless workers as well as guest wireless users - offering an unprecedented level of control without compromising network security.

Key Features & Benefits

SonicOS Standard
, which ships on every SonicWALL TZ 170 Wireless, provides:

Integrated Firewall, VPN and Wireless Access Point. The TZ 170 Wireless integrates deep packet inspection firewall, IPSec VPN and 802.11b/g wireless access technologies in one easy-to-use solution, reducing the time and cost burdens associated with supporting multiple solutions.

  • Industry-leading Intrusion Prevention. The TZ 170 integrates SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention technology and Intrusion Prevention Service which features a dynamically updated database of over 1,800 attack and vulnerability signatures written to protect networks against known buffer overflow vulnerabilities in software, as well as various worms, Trojans, backdoor exploits and the use of peer-to-peer and instant messaging applications.
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection Services. The TZ 170 Wireless protects wireless networks by detecting and preventing three widespread threats: rogue access points, disassociation attacks and association flood attacks.
  • Wireless Guest Services. The TZ 170 Wireless allows network administrators to create user accounts for occasional guest users such as consultants and contractors that permit wireless connections to the Internet without providing access to the corporate network.
  • Comprehensive Central Management Support. Every SonicWALL security appliance can be managed using SonicWALL's award-winning Global Management System, which provides network administrators with the tools for simplified configuration, enforcement and management of global security policies, VPN, and services, all from a central location.

SonicOS Enhanced, an optional software upgrade for the SonicWALL TZ 170 Wireless, adds:

  • Configurable Optional Port. Upgrading to SonicOS Enhanced activates an Optional Port on the TZ 170 Wireless that can be configured either as an additional LAN, WAN, DMZ or WLAN offering greater network configuration flexibility as well as internal security.
  • WAN ISP Failover and Load Balancing. The TZ 170 Wireless offers the ability to configure the optional port as a secondary WAN port, delivering highly reliable network connectivity and robust performance. This secondary WAN port can be used in “active-active” load sharing or fail-over configuration providing a highly efficient method for maximising total network bandwidth.
  • Object-based Management. The TZ 170 Wireless provides the ability to define an object such as a user group, network, service or interface. When security policies change, the administrator can modify the pre-defined object and propagate the changes instantly without redefining rules. This enables businesses to implement and manage security policies easily and consistently.
  • Policy-based NAT. In addition to standard NAT (many-to-one) functionality, the TZ 170 Wireless exposes control of NAT policies to administrators for one-to-one NAT, many-to-many NAT, one-to-many NAT, inbound Port Address Translation (PAT), flexible NAT (for overlapping IP addresses), as well as NAT policies on selective source/destination/source translations. The result is greater control and flexibility to support and manage various NAT requirements.



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SonicWALL TZ 170 Series Datasheet (pdf)