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Double Click Solutions are SonicWall Gold Partners designing and implementing the full range of SonicWall products.

SonicWALL GUI Demonstration

SonicWALL's family of Internet security appliances provide the first line of defence against Internet security threats. They include an ICSA-certified stateful packet inspection firewall, IPSec VPN for remote access, IP address management features and support for SonicWALL value-added security services.

Designed to increase security by reducing complexity, SonicWALL Internet security appliances eliminate the cost and complexity of installing and managing separate devices and software packages for comprehensive security.

TZ170 Wireless

Wireless is changing the way businesses work. Adding wireless into an existing network or building a wireless network from the ground up increases mobility and productivity by maintaining connections to e-mail, files and online applications regardless of physical location. With these benefits, however, comes risk. SonicWALL provides a solution that enables your organisation to take advantage of the freedom of wireless connectivity without compromising network security.

The TZ 170 Wireless, part of SonicWALL’s TZ 170 series, is a high-performance, multi-layer network security platform that delivers enterprise-class wireless and wired security to small networks. The TZ 170 Wireless integrates secure 802.11b/g wireless, deep packet inspection firewall and IPSec VPN technologies in a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution. Advanced features such as enforced VPN encryption on the wireless LAN and wireless intrusion detection and prevention services deliver impenetrable wireless security. Utilising the Wireless Guest Services feature, network administrators can create multiple zones of access – for wired and wireless workers as well as guest wireless users - offering an unprecedented level of control without compromising network security.



Today’s businesses rely increasingly on their communications fabric to transmit mission-critical company information between headquarters and remote locations securely. Small and branch offices as well as retail stores, hotels, banks and gas stations exchange customer purchase and inventory information with every transaction. Critical to their success is the ability to transmit this information securely and to ensure that network connectivity is always available.

The TZ 170 SP, part of SonicWALL’s TZ 170 Series, is a high-performance, multi-layer network security platform that provides businesses, telecommuters and small office networks with constant access to critical data. Should the primary broadband connection go down, the TZ 170 SP ensures continuous uptime for VPN connectivity by automatically failing over to either a second WAN connection or an integrated analogue modem. Once the broadband connection has been re-established, the TZ 170 SP detects the restored connection and automatically fails back, ensuring the best possible connectivity.



Networking technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, making it difficult to keep up with the latest innovations. Providing rock-solid security is even more challenging, especially for small businesses and network administrators with limited IT resources. Deploying and managing a complex network security product simply isn’t an option. You need a reliable, flexible, easy-to-use solution that delivers business-class security at a price that won’t break your budget.

The SonicWALL TZ 170, part of SonicWALL’s TZ 170 Series, is the ultimate total security platform for home, small, remote and branch office deployments. Available in multiple node configurations, the TZ 170 scales to protect your investment as your organization grows, allowing you to add features and functionality when your network needs them.

Utilizing SonicWALL’s feature-rich SonicOS operating system, the TZ 170 offers a choice between absolute ease-of-use for basic networks and unsurpassed flexibility for networks with more complex needs. SonicOS Standard, included with every TZ 170, allows rapid deployment in basic networks with a user-friendly Web interface and powerful wizards. Building upon SonicOS Standard, SonicOS Enhanced is an optional software upgrade that provides advanced features including WAN ISP Failover, Distributed Wireless LAN capabilities (with SonicPoints), Object-based Management and Policy-based NAT for more complex network installations.

Whether you have a small network with basic needs or a more complex network requiring flexibility and advanced features, the SonicWALL TZ 170 makes your decision simple.


PRO 2040

Today’s highly connected organizations move vast amounts of critical data across extensive, often complex network deployments. The value of this data is extraordinary – as is the need to move it quickly, reliably and securely. To maintain and safeguard business continuity, network administrators require a solution that gives them the ability to configure their network architecture to meet the needs of their organization, while continuing to deliver advanced features and powerful performance tailored for fast-moving network environments.

The SonicWALL PRO 2040 is part of SonicWALL’s PRO Series Internet security solutions, delivering complete business continuity for small to mid-sized networks. Powered by SonicWALL’s next-generation SonicOS operating system and a high-performance hardware architecture, the PRO 2040 delivers business-class firewall throughput and VPN concentration. Outstanding price/value features make the PRO 2040 the ideal solution for businesses that need rock solid network protection coupled with fast, secure VPN access for remote employees.


PRO 3060

SonicWALL PRO 3060 is a total security platform for complex networks, utilising six fully configurable Ethernet interfaces to provide cost-effective, enterprise-class firewall throughput and VPN concentration.

  • · High performance, stateful packet inspection firewall and 3DES/AES VPN throughput
  • · Total security platform including dedicated security ASIC for enterprise-class firewall and VPN performance
  • · Flexible and comprehensive deployment options for integration into existing networks
  • · Support for SonicOS Enhanced 2.0 which provides:
    • · Six fully configurable 10/100 auto-sensing Ethernet interfaces provide greater network configuration flexibility and internal security
    • · WAN ISP fail-over to a second WAN port ensures highly reliable network connectivity for complete business continuity
    • · Object/Policy-based management enables simple and consistent implementation and management of security policies

PRO 5060

The nature of today’s network security threats has evolved. While basic L2-4 firewall functionality is still a mandatory element of network security, new breeds of dynamic attacks are wreaking more havoc than ever before. Not only can these attacks render a traditional firewall useless, they also require a constantly updated attack database that guarantees protection. And, they absolutely must have a hardware platform that can withstand the rigors of real-time intrusion prevention while maintaining strong levels of performance.

The SonicWALL PRO 5060, part of SonicWALL’s PRO Series Internet Security Platform, is a high-performance, multi-service gigabit network security platform that protects users and critical network resources from the dynamic, sophisticated threats that put today’s corporate networks at risk. The PRO 5060 integrates high-speed intrusion prevention, content filtering, gateway-enforced anti-virus, advanced wireless LAN features, stateful inspection firewall and IPSec VPN into a single solution that is easy to deploy and manage. Available in both 10/100/1000 copper and copper/fiber interface versions, the PRO 5060 incorporates a wide array of networking and security features, making it the ideal solution for a multitude of applications