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Every day, hackers become more sophisticated in their attempts to breach corporate networks. Over the past few years, attacks such as Nimda, Code Red, SQL Slammer and MS Blaster targeted application vulnerabilities and infected computers worldwide. More recently, hackers have begun exploiting peer-to-peer and instant messaging applications to propagate their attacks. As these attacks become more dynamic and malicious in nature, businesses need to stay one step ahead by employing the most robust detection and prevention solution available.

SonicWALL has responded to these threats by adding a scalable, high-speed Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) to our distributed enforcement architecture. Deep packet inspection technology enables the firewall to more thoroughly investigate network traffic by examining information at the application layer to defend against both internal and external attacks.

SonicWALL IPS utilizes a configurable, ultra-high performance deep packet inspection engine and dynamically updated database with over 1,700 attack and vulnerability signatures to protect all points of the network against known buffer overflow vulnerabilities in software, as well as various worms, Trojans and application exploits. As an added layer of protection, SonicWALL IPS mitigates risk and legal liability while improving productivity by allowing security administrators to monitor and manage the use of instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications.

To learn more, please view the Intrusion Prevention Service portion of our Comprehensive Product Demo.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • · Integrated Deep Packet Inspection Technology. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service features a configurable, ultra-high performance deep packet inspection engine that uses parallel searching algorithms up through the application layer to deliver increased attack prevention capabilities over those supplied by traditional stateful packet inspection firewalls. Parallel processing reduces the performance impact on the firewall and maximizes available memory for exceptional throughput on SonicWALL appliances.
  • · Inter-zone Intrusion Prevention. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service provides an additional layer of protection against malicious threats by allowing administrators to enforce intrusion prevention not only between each network zone and the Internet, but also between internal network zones.
  • · Extensive Signature List. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service utilizes an extensive database of over 1,700 attack and vulnerability signatures written to detect and prevent intrusions, worms, application exploits, and the use of peer-to-peer and instant messaging applications.
  • · Dynamically Updated Signature Database. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service includes an extensive database with automated signature updates delivered through SonicWALL’s distributed enforcement architecture, providing protection from emerging threats and lowering total cost of ownership.
  • · Scalable Solution. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service is a scalable solution for SonicWALL TZ 170 and PRO Series appliances that secures small, medium and large networks with complete protection from application exploits, worms and malicious traffic.
  • · Application Control. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service provides network administrators with the ability to monitor and manage the use of instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing programs from operating through the firewall, closing a potential backdoor that can be used to compromise the network while improving employee productivity and conserving Internet bandwidth.
  • · Simplified Deployment and Management. SonicWALL’s Intrusion Prevention Service allows network administrators to create global policies between security zones and group attacks by priority, simplifying deployment and management across a distributed network.
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