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Today’s highly connected organizations move vast amounts of critical data across extensive, often complex network deployments. The value of this data is extraordinary – as is the need to move it quickly, reliably and securely. To maintain and safeguard business continuity, network administrators require a solution that gives them the ability to configure their network architecture to meet the needs of their organization, while continuing to deliver advanced features and powerful performance tailored for fast-moving network environments.

The SonicWALL PRO 2040 is part of SonicWALL’s PRO Series Internet security solutions, delivering complete business continuity for small to mid-sized networks. Powered by SonicWALL’s next-generation SonicOS operating system and a high-performance hardware architecture, the PRO 2040 delivers business-class firewall throughput and VPN concentration. Outstanding price/value features make the PRO 2040 the ideal solution for businesses that need rock solid network protection coupled with fast, secure VPN access for remote employees.

Available as an optional upgrade for the PRO 2040, SonicWALL’s feature-rich SonicOS Enhanced operating system provides a suite of configuration flexibility and redundancy features typically associated with more expensive appliances, including ISP Fail-Over, WAN Redundancy, Load Balancing, Object-based Management, Policy-Based NAT and more. In addition, upgrading to SonicOS Enhanced activates a fourth, user-defined 10/100 Ethernet interface that can be custom-configured either as a second WAN, a second LAN, a DMZ, another customized security zone or as a Hardware Fail-Over port, ensuring continuous network uptime. The PRO 2040 also integrates seamlessly with SonicWALL’s portfolio of security services, including Complete Anti-Virus and Content Filtering Service, for an added layer of protection. With its innovative Web interface, the PRO 2040 is the ultimate choice for small-to-mid-sized networks requiring robust internal and external security, network configuration flexibility and ease of use.

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The PRO 2040 can be easily managed remotely as part of a multi-firewall and VPN environment through a Web interface or using SonicWALL’s industry-leading Global Management System (GMS). This gives network administrators an economical yet powerful set of tools for rapid deployment, configuration, and management of global security policies from a central location.

To learn more, please view the PRO 2040 portion of our Comprehensive Product Demo.

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Key Features & Benefits

Every SonicWALL PRO 2040 ships with SonicOS Standard and includes:

High-Performance Architecture. The SonicWALL PRO 2040 includes a powerful processor and cryptographic accelerator that deliver 200 Mbps Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall and 50 Mbps 3DES or AES VPN throughput.
Hardware AES Support. The SonicWALL PRO 2040 reflects SonicWALL's commitment to open security standards by including hardware-based acceleration support for the 3DES and AES encryption algorithms.
Comprehensive Central Management Support. Every SonicWALL Internet security appliance can be managed using SonicWALL's award-winning Global Management System, which provides network administrators with the tools for simplified configuration, enforcement and management of global security policies, VPN, and services, all from a central location.

An optional software upgrade for the SonicWALL PRO 2040, SonicOS Enhanced adds:

Flexible Fourth Port. Upgrading to SonicOS Enhanced activates a fourth user-assigned port on the SonicWALL PRO 2040 that can be configured either as an additional LAN, WAN or DMZ, or as a Hardware Fail-over port, offering greater network configuration flexibility

ISP Fail-Over. The SonicWALL PRO 2040 ensures continuous uptime for Internet and IPSec VPN connectivity by failing over to a second ISP link should the primary link fail. Through ISP Fail-Over, the PRO 2040 delivers highly reliable network connectivity for constant access to critical data.
WAN Redundancy and Load Balancing. The SonicWALL PRO 2040 offers the ability to configure a secondary WAN port, delivering highly reliable network connectivity and robust performance. This secondary WAN port can be used in “active-active” load sharing or fail-over configuration providing a highly efficient method for maximizing total network bandwidth.
Object-Based Management. The SonicWALL PRO 2040 provides the ability to define an object such as a user group, network address range, service or interface. When security policies change, the administrator can modify the pre-defined object and propagate the changes instantly without redefining rules, enabling businesses to implement and manage security policies easily and consistently.
Multiple Interfaces per Security Zone. Network administrators can group multiple physical interfaces on the SonicWALL PRO 2040 into logical "zones" for ease of management and flexibility. This provides tremendous flexibility, scalability and added internal security when deploying SonicWALL firewalls in various network topologies.
Policy-Based NAT. In addition to NAT (many-to-one) functionality, the SonicWALL PRO 2040 exposes control of NAT policies to administrators for one-to-one NAT, many-to-many NAT, one-to-many NAT, inbound Port Address Translation (PAT), flexible NAT (for overlapping IP addresses), as well as NAT policies on selective source/destination/source translations. The result is greater control and flexibility to support and manage various NAT requirements.

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