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SonicOS Enhanced 2.0 is the operating system platform for SonicWALL's next-generation firewall/VPN appliances.


SonicOS Enhanced 2.0 delivers numerous benefits for remote access and integrated business security applications. These include the features listed below.



WAN ISP Fail-over and Load Balancing

Offers the ability to designate one of the user-assigned ports to function as a secondary WAN port, delivering highly reliable network connectivity and robust performance. This secondary WAN port can be used in "active-passive" fail-over configuration providing a highly efficient method for distributing or load sharing outbound WAN traffic.

Hardware Fail-over

When in "hardware fail-over" mode, should the active unit fail, the passive unit automatically detects and assumes responsibility for forwarding traffic, offering greater reliability and redundancy.

Support for Secondary VPN Gateway

Provides support for remote/branch offices to seamlessly establish a VPN connection to a secondary gateway at the corporate headquarters should the connection to the primary gateway be terminated, offering continuous uptime.

Multiple Interfaces per Security Zone

Allows network administrators to group multiple physical interfaces into logical "Zones" for ease of management and flexibility. Administrators can assign multiple network interfaces, including the VPN tunnel, to a pre- or custom-defined zone of an associated security policy. Using zones as the logical addressing entity provides tremendous flexibility, scalability and added internal security when deploying SonicWALL firewalls in various network topologies.

Object/Policy-based Management

Network administrators can define an object, such as an individual user, a user group, network, service or interface, once and then reuse that object wherever it is needed. When security policies or object members change, the administrator can modify the object and propagate the changes instantly without redefining rules, enabling businesses to implement and manage security policies easily and consistently.

Policy-based NAT

While continuing to provide standard NAT (many-to-one) functionality, SonicOS Enhanced 2.0 also exposes control of NAT policies to administrators for one-to-one NAT, many-to-many NAT, one-to-many NAT, inbound Port Address Translation (PAT), flexible NAT (for overlapping IP addresses) as well as NAT policies on selective source/destination/source translations. As a result, network administrators have more control and flexibility to support and manage various NAT requirements.

Time-based Policies

Allows network administrators to create security policies that may be enforced according to pre-defined schedules. Administrators may specify start and end ranges on an individual or group policy basis, offering more granular network control.

Group Policies

Provides the option to create and assign security policies to a large number of users with minimal effort, simplifying User Level Authentication for Internet and VPN access.

User Level Authentication (ULA)

Provides network administrators with a greater level of control over who may or may not access the Internet by enforcing ULA, which requires users to log on to the corporate network with a username and password.

Streamlined GUI

Features an innovative Web interface that utilizes a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use configuration and management wizards designed to guide users through the configuration steps for common user network environments or scenarios (e.g. public server wizard, hub-and-spoke VPN wizard, NAT wizard), making it simple to set up in any network environment.

Enhanced VPN Functionality

SonicOS Enhanced 2.0 incorporates many new rules and features such as AES encryption for site-to-site VPN, inbound and outbound VPN traffic through NAT and per-destination tunnel network access control for better security, performance and flexibility.